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Angkor Small Circuit Temples:

Angkor Wat Temple ( The Biggest Religious Temple in The World):

Angkor Wat – Undisputedly the largest religious building in the world, is truly breathtaking. A massive 3 level temple mountain style structure dominated by 5 central towers. Angkor Wat was built in the early 12th century by King Suryavarman II as a temple city.  Surrounded by a 200 meter wide moat the site is roughly 2 km across and 2.5 km long with the central building covering about 1 km square. You are free to roam all over the complex however you will have to queue up if you want to see the newly opened sacred central tower. Only 50 people at one time allowed up, waits are generally not too long, and it is worth the short wait.
Banteay Kdei Temple: About 500 meters down the road from Ta Prohm you will find Banteay Kdei. This is another Buddhist monastery built in the 12th century by King Jayavarman VII. Similar in style to Ta Prohm although not of the same quality. It is well cleared and has undergone restoration in parts. It is a large rambling complex that you can wander around.

Ta Prohm Temple: ( Now so famous with the Tomb Raider of Hollywood movie), you will find the famous Buddhist monastery Ta Prohm. Built in the 12th century by King Jayavarman VII, in honour of his mother, this would have to be the most photographed temple complex after Angkor Wat. Conservationist made the decision to leave this jungle complex only partially restored with all vegetation baring the huge trees being removed for easy access. The strangler fig and silk cotton trees that grow over the complex are huge and spectacular. Ta Prohm is a big complex ruin and you can easily get lost within its labyrinth passages some of which are blocked by collapsed walls and ceilings.

Baphuon Temple: A few hundred meters north of Preah Ngok you will find the Baphuon. Built by King Udayadityavarman II in the 11th century it is the second oldest building in Angkor Thom. The Baphuon is a large single temple mountain built over 5 levels. Parts of the main structure are undergoing restoration but you can still access the central entrance areas and wander all around the outer walls. There is a 200 meter long elevated causeway leading to the front entrance. Hop down and look at the supporting columns underneath the causeway. This site will be truly magnificent once it is fully restored.

Bayon Temple: (The Giant of Four faces temple):

After entering through the South Gate go straight forward to the Bayon, built in the 13th century by King Jayavarman VII as his state temple. The Bayon is easy to explore and is covered in towers that have a giant face carved on every side. Spend a bit of time with this one, plenty of up and down stairways inside and some beautiful alleyways and colonnades. Look for the Buddha statue with the seven headed Naga. Throughout the site are many carved bas-reliefs depicting everything from battles to scenes of daily life.
South Gate of Angkor Thom:

After leaving Angkor Wat travel a short distance up the road to the South Gate, one of 5 entrances to Angkor Thom.

Angkor Thom is another walled and moated temple city. Built by King Jayavarman VII in the early 13th century it covers about 3km square.

Then the tour will enjoy the good view of sunset over Angkor area from the top of Bakheng Hill.

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